Bacalar Tours Paay Bej - Chetumal Museo

Bacalar Tours Paay Bej - Chetumal Museo

Bacalar Tours Paay Bej - Chetumal Museo


Duration: 5:00 hours                  Category: Museum



Visit the marvelous Museum of Mayan Culture for an introduction to the world view of this ancient culture and get the opportunity to learn about cities like Palenque, to admire the stelas of Copan, and to see up close the murals of Bonampak. Enter the underworld to discover the Mayan vision of the after life; enjoy and learn from the interactive exhibits that highlight the knowledge this important civilization has given the world.

Discover the surprises the Bay of Chetumal has in store for you and the fascinating history the city’s buildings tell. We’ll see a scale model of old Chetumal with its English-style wooden buildings.

At the State House, murals depict the history of the state. Did you know that Quintana Roo is the  youngest state in the nation? A paradise with Carribean waters, Quintana Roo has a history of integrating diverse cultures. Get to know more about the state and the city of Chetumal on this fun and informative tour.




Bring shoes and clothing comfortable for hiking, sun glasses, and hat.