Duration: 4:00 hours             Category: Aquatic



An excellent combination, with a hiking jungle tour and a kayak tour of majestic Laguna Bacalar and its headwaters.

Experience the tropical jungle on foot. Walking along the trails, it is as if the trees have Mayan legends to tell. Do you know the chicle tree? Come and discover the exotic species of the region and marvel at the bounty the jungle has given the world over the centuries. Breathe in the air, so pure it invites you to further explore this magical place.

Delight your palate with the fruits of the season. Do you like mamey, or tangerines, or zapote? Pick and enjoy these fruits and more from the trees around you; savor their rich natural flavors.

By kayak, follow the flowing spring to the source of the cristal-clear waters of the Lagoon of the Seven Colors. Paddle along the mangrove roots with their incredible shapes and observe the life that surrounds us. You will be amazed at the water’s colors at Cenote Xul-ha, just one place we visit during your exciting kayak adventure.




Shoes and clothing comfortable for hiking. Bring sun glasses, hat, bathing suit, and biodegradable sunscreen.