Swimming in Laguna Bacalar with Bacalar Tours Paay bejBACALAR, JUNGLE Y KAYAK
Enjoy the experience of walking in the tropical jungle, breathing pure fresh air, in contact with nature and observing the exotic plants and animals of Bacalar. Delight your palate with fresh, seasonal fruits. Explore the clear waters of the Lagoon of Seven Colors and take an exciting kayak trip to Xul-ha Cenote.


Bacalar Bici Tour with Bacalar Tours Paay bejBACALAR, BIKE TOUR
Experience pure adventure the natural way. Get to know Bacalar -- on your own set of wheels – and let us show you the magic of this Pueblo Magico and its historic buildings, culture and people. You’ll see Rentamos bicis en Bacalar Rentamos bici en Bacalar some of the most spectacular vistas the Lagoon of Seven Colors has to offer. We rent bicycles, too!

Chetumal City Tour by Bacalar Tours Paay bejCHETUMAL, CITY TOUR
Get to know the Quintana Roo state capital and explore the city’s rich history though its buildings, murals, and quaint wooden houses. At the Mayan Cultural Museum, interactive exhibits entertain and teach about early and current Mayans. Walk along the Bay of Chetumal to discover the surprises this beautiful and captivating Caribbean bay holds for you.


Bacalar Tours Paay bej - arqueologicas tourTravel in time to ancient cities and buildings to discover a fascinating people whose culture and history holds something for today. Let us guide you through the tropical jungles as we explore and explain ruins whose stones tell stories of the spirit of the Mayan culture and its harmony between people and nature.