Bacalar Tours Paay Bej - Dzibanche Ruina

Bacalar Tours Paay Bej - Monkeys at Kohunlich

Bacalar Tours Paay Bej - Konhunlich Ruinas


Duration:                               Category: Archeological
Chacchoben: 4:00 hours
Kohunlich: 4:00 hours
Dzibanché - Kohunlich*: 5:30 hours



Voyage back in time to discover a fascinating and wise culture. Hidden in the jungle, thousands of temples and Mayan monuments have much to tell us. Pre-hispanic plazas, astronomical observatories, pyramids, and artistic decorations all reveal part of the lives of our ancestors.

In this tour of the Mayan past, visitors will taste the life and times of the ancient Maya and their sacred sites. Discover for yourself the harmony of being in contact with history, nature and the spirit of Mayan culture.






Bring shoes and clothing comfortable for hiking, sun glasses, hat, and sunscreen.